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Update on COVID-19

As the Commonwealth and the nation continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, PENNVEST is committed to maintaining our role as a stable infrastructure resource for applicants, borrowers, and the general public.  Below are some resources and additional information regarding PENNVEST as we navigate through this ever-changing situation.

Is there any restriction on PENNVEST operations?

PENNVEST staff has been operating in a virtual format for several years, performing a large majority of required duties through virtual meetings, online application processes, electronic payment requests, disbursements, loan servicing, and electronic communication.  Staff will continue to be available and responsive for any questions, issues, or needs as we work through this situation together.

Will PENNVEST continue to consider funding applications?

There is currently no interruption in the PENNVEST application or award process for water infrastructure projects.  Funding award decisions are made by the PENNVEST board of directors, which meets quarterly.  While the next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 21st, it is anticipated that this meeting may occur via remote electronic means.  More information on how to access and attend the virtual meeting will be made available on the PENNVEST website.

What if I'm having financial difficulty and may not be able to make a loan payment?

As the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect normal operation throughout the Commonwealth, we are aware that individuals and communities will be eventually affected.  If you are an existing PENNVEST borrower and you are experiencing financial difficulty or anticipate that you will in the near future, please reach out the Denise Zern, our Loan Servicing Specialist, immediately at or (717) 783-6747.  

How do I seek additional financial help through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?

A variety of state agencies are available and eager to help any individual or business seeking financial relief as a result of this pandemic.  A list of resources by state agency is included below:

·         Department of Banking 

·         Department of Community & Economic Development

·         Department of Insurance

·         Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

·         Department of Revenue

·         Public Utility Commission

Can I begin or continue construction on a water infrastructure project?

On May 1, 2020, Governor Tom Wolf issued guidance for businesses in the construction industry, outlining procedures for the continuation of in-person operations during the disaster emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Among other requirements is a strict adherance to Administration orders and guidance as well as Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance.