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Signature Authorization / Change Form (SAF)


This form must be submitted prior to your FIRST Payment Request. Submitted Payment Requests will NOT be processed without authorized contacts from this form.  

  • Changes require a NEW form to be submitted with new names, email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Changes to personnel (such as retirement or termination) require a new Signature Authorization Form submittal.
  • Engineer signature must include a Professional Engineer Number (P.E.) or if a non-PE then an official certification number, if appropriate.


1.  Go to> Services > Loan Servicing > Signature Authorization Form

2.  Select the link to start the DocuSign process: DocuSign Signature Authorization Form.

3.  Initial Step:  Designate a Borrower and Attestor to eSign the Signature Authorization Form (SAF).  A name and email address must be provided for both the Signor (Borrower) and the Attestor (Witness), as these are required fields to begin the process.

4.  SAF Form Completion

a.  Anyone can initially complete the information on the form.  Providing a Second Borrower or Engineer is optional.  All boxes that are shaded are required fields.  After completion, the form is automatically emailed to Borrower.

b.  Borrower then eSigns the form.  The form is automatically emailed to the Attestor.

c.  Attestor then eSigns the form.  The form is automatically emailed to the PENNVEST SAF Resource Account and each email address provided in Step in 3 above.

5.  If you have any questions you may email the Resource Account at