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Governor Tom Wolf



​Executive Director
Brion Johnson
Assistant to the Executive Director/HR Officer

Michelle Seltzer

​Director of Administrative Services
Leeann Brown
​Media and Legislative Affairs Specialist
Brent Sailhamer

Project Management


Deputy Executive Director

Robert Boos

Project Specialist Region 1

Ken Anderson

Project Specialist Region 2

Dan Mikesic

Project Specialist Region 3

Tesra Schlupp

Project Specialist Region 4

Rebecca Kennedy

Project Specialist Region 5Leslie Cote

Project Manager

Dave Henning

Management Technician

Kathy Klinger



Financial Management


Deputy Executive Director

Steve Anspach

Fiscal Policy Specialist 2

Kyle Mooney

Fiscal Management Specialist 2

Michael Chiarkas

Loan Service Officer

Heather Brookmyer

Loan Servicing Specialist

Denise Zern

​Management Technician

Dawn Bigham

Management Technician

Qing Cheema





Chief Counsel

Jayne Blake

​Assistant Counsel​

Shawn Weis

​Assistant Counsel

Brad Gorter

Legal Office Supervisor

Heather Myers

Settlement Officer

Melissa Smith

Settlement Officer
Hannah George

Information Technology


Deputy Executive Director

Alice Sanders

IT Generalist Administrator

Robert Gill

IT Policy Specialist

Ellen Dunlap

IT Generalist 2

Rod Glass

Database Administrator

Loren Blickstein

Applications Developer 2

John Moore

Applications Developer 2

Earl Goldsborough

Applications Developer 2

Patrick Crowell