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Drinking Water, Wastewater and Storm Water Loans and Non-point Source Financing

Primarily low interest loans (some grant funding available) to pay for costs associated with design, engineering, and construction of public or private owned drinking water or wastewater systems, non-point source pollution mitigation and municipal storm water projects.


  • Owners and/or operators of public water systems, wastewater collection/treatment facilities, or storm water management or other non-point source pollution protection projects.
Eligible Uses

  • Design, engineering and construction costs associated with capital improvement projects with demonstrated water quality benefits.
Ineligible Uses

  1. House laterals, interior plumbing, curb to curb paving, land and association costs
  2. Redesign, refinancing, costs associated with litigation
  3. Costs not associated with the project

  1. Loans up to $11 million per project for one municipality
  2. Up to $20 million for more than one municipality
  3. Up to 100% of the total project costs
Terms and Conditions

  1. 1% to 4% interest rate, depending upon the resulting user rates in the community
  2. Terms depending upon the useful life of the asset being financed
  3. Disbursement based upon reimbursable expenses
How to Apply

  1. Contact your regional PENNVEST project Specialist for additional information and initial review of eligibility requirements
  2. Request a Planning Consultation with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
  3. Update your facilities Plan or Ordinance
  4. Prepare final construction plans, specifications, and any other supporting documents to be used for the construction or installation of the project
  5. Apply online at the PENNVEST Online Funding Request Website
Special Instructions and Guidelines