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Growing Greener Grants

PENNVEST has been given both the policy direction and financial resources needed to significantly improve the Commonwealth's stewardship of its rivers, lakes and streams. ALL new applicants for drinking water, wastewater and stormwater for PENNVEST funding will be reviewed to ensure that their proposed projects comply with local and County land use plans, thus ensuring that the affected areas will be "Growing Smarter" in the future. This will be done by taking advantage of Growing Greener funds to assist communities undertaking prohibitively expensive water and sewer projects, thus making these projects reasonably affordable for their customers.

How to Apply

The PENNVEST application process for Drinking water, Wastewater and Stormwater projects has not changed as the result of Growing Greener grant funds availability. Any municipality, authority or private entity that is eligible under a PENNVEST project will be considered for the Growing Greener grant funds automatically. For project outside of the PENNVEST infrastructure authority, a municipality, authority or private entity can apply for Growing Greener grant funds through the Department of Environmental Protection.
Special Instructions and Guidelines