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Funds Disbursement

Funds Disbursement is a fully automated on-line system that allows you to electronically process data and perform required actions during the disbursement of funds. Three phases are completed during disbursement: the Awaiting Settlement phase which allows contract set up and finalization of the project budget; the Disbursement phase for web submission of payment requests for disbursement of funds; and the Project Close Out phase to finalize your project funds and begin the repayment process.
  • Funding Disbursement

    Upon Settlement of your funding, you may begin the disbursement process. It is highly recommended that you first read the online help found in the Tools and Resources section of the web site located at the bottom of the Funds Disbursement home page. This will provide you with insight on the disbursement process, workflow actions, and understanding permissions and roles. A new window containing the PENNVEST Login Portal will be opened automatically when you click the link above.

    You must Login using a valid PA PowerPort username and password to use the PENNVEST Application. If you do not have a PA PowerPort username and password, the portal provides you with a "Register Now" link to create an account.

  • Instructions to Preparing Payment in Funds Disbursement

    This document provides more detail and information on how to process a payment request through the Funds Disbursement system.
  • System Requirements

    There are requirements to access the web application, click on System Requirements link above to read more about these requirements. Note: This site has been optimized for Internet Explorer for the PC Version 5.0 and above.