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Letter of No Prejudice /
Pre-Close Letter Request 

A Letter of No Prejudice can be requested if you have an emergency situation related to a public health, environmental impact or an economic development opportunity that requires you to begin construction prior to (1) submitting an application to PENNVEST or (2) after the PENNVEST Board of Directors determines proposal funding.  This request must be submitted  before you have completed the Settlement process. 

PENNVEST legislation prohibits funding projects that have long term financing in place, or project that have started construction prior to approval.  In order to preserve your PENNVEST financing you MUST receive written approval from PENNVEST BEFORE you begin construction.

Follow the instructions listed below.  If you have questions, please e-mail


  1. Download and print the Attachment A, B and C.  
  2. Complete the forms as instructed.
  3. All documents are required to be scanned and submitted via email to