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Commonwealth Funding

In addition to Federal EPA CWSRF and DWSRF funding, PENNVEST uses Commonwealth funding sources that are also invested into the program for funding clean water and drinking water projects. 

A major component to PENNVEST funding is realized through public approval of referendums that propose expenditures from state revenues to be specifically used to assist Commonwealth communities with the funding of water infrastructure projects through loans. Revenues from the Commonwealth General Obligation bonds were approved by public vote from the 1981 Referendum for $225.4 million, the 1988 Referendum for $300 million, the 1992 Referendum for $350 million, and most recently, the 2008 Referendum for $400 million. 

State Regulations for PENNVEST-funded projects and special legislative acts have been issued for the purposes of providing additional funding to the PENNVEST program. Act 218 was enacted in 2004 and, among other things, provided PENNVEST with $50 million to be used as grants for improvements to water and wastewater systems with an emphasis on nutrient reduction facilities and combined sewer overflows within. Act 68 was approved in 1999, resulting in $171 million in PENNVEST grants issued through the Growing Greener Program. 

In the past, other state funds have also been invested into PENNVEST through both the initial capital budget for program start up and allocations of Commonwealth general funds.