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The PV Portal is a fully automated on-line system that allows you to electronically process data and perform required actions during the application process for requesting funds from PENNVEST. This link will take you to the PENNVEST Login Portal. Once you have a login account and sign-in, you can select the Online Funding Request from the menu to either start a new application or to complete, electronically sign and submit an existing application.

 Three phases are completed during the application process: Pre-Consultation phase which allows you to identify and start an application in anticipation of scheduling the required planning consultation with PENNVEST; Data Collection phase for collecting the information and providing supporting documentation as part of completing the application; and Submit phase to complete the e-signature process and submit the application to PENNVEST for review.

Before Proceeding With An Application

Schedule a Planning Consultation

All projects that apply for PENNVEST funding must have a consultation with DEP and PENNVEST regional staff. 

You can start a new application online but will not be able to complete or submit the application until the consultation has been completed and signed off by the PENNVEST Regional Project Specialist.

You can arrange for a consultation through the Online Funding Request Website or by contacting Regional Assistance.


Know When to Apply 

You can start an application at anytime but there are application cut-off dates for submission for review and consideration of your project, and when the PENNVEST Board Meetings are held to approve funding. 

Register for a "Keystone Login" Account
To access the PENNVEST Online Funding Request website, you must log in using a valid Commonwealth of PA Keystone Login user name and password. If you do not have an existing account, you can create an account on the Commonwealth of PA Keystone Login page.

To apply for funding, your company must be first registered and verified with PENNVEST as a valid Pennsylvania legal entity. Registration applies to a Municipality, Authority, Company or other Organization Sections. The registration is only required once for new companies that have not previously done business with PENNVEST. Please note, it may take 2-3 business days for your legal entity account to be established. You will receive an e-mail with instructions from PENNVEST when the company registration has been completed. Registration of new companies is done through the Online Funding Request Website under the Contacts Applicant section of the application.

Visit the PENNVEST Training Center to view the recorded webinar "How to Apply for Funding Through the PV Portal."

System Requirements 

Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome is required to use all PENNVEST on-line applications. Although most PENNVEST      online applications may run successfully in other browsers, Internet Explorer version 10 is currently required to run the PENNVEST applications at this time.

Adobe Acrobat Version 10 is required to view Adobe Acrobat ”PDF” files available in PENNVEST on-line applications. To download Adobe's Free Reader, go to Adobe's Website

Display Settings for PENNVEST applications have been configured to optimally fit in a 1024x769 pixel screen area.

If a Pop-Up Blocker is installed on your browser, you should give the blocker permission to allow pop-ups from PENNVEST websites. Contact your system administrator if need help with changing the settings.