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A Letter of No Prejudice (LONP) can be requested if you have an emergency situation related to public health, environmental impact, supply chain issues or an economic development opportunity that requires you to begin construction or obtain materials prior to: (1) submitting an application to PENNVEST, or (2) after the PENNVEST Board of Directors determines proposal funding.  This request must be submitted before you have completed the Settlement process.

Please discuss LONP requirements (e.g. Davis-Bacon, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Architectural & Engineering (A/E), etc.) with a PENNVEST Project Specialist before submitting a LONP request form.

PENNVEST legislation prohibits funding projects that have long term financing in place or projects that have started construction prior to approval.  In order to preserve your PENNVEST financing, you must receive written approval from PENNVEST before you begin construction.


The Letter of No-Prejudice is now an online form which is submitted directly through DocuSign to PENNVEST. 

These forms may be downloaded and used as part of your submittal. The appropriate completed form will need to be uploaded as part of your submission.

Letter of No-Prejudice Attachment B - Reimbursement Resolution for Project Costs.pdf,   (Government Entities)
Letter of No-Prejudice Attachment C - Official Intent.pdf  (Private Entities)

1.  Select the link to start the DocuSign process:  Letter of No-Prejudice Attachment A

2.  Initial Step:  Designate the person completing the document (LONP Submitter) and the person who should receive the submitted form (LONP Submission Contact).  A name and email address must be provided for both the LONP Submitter and the LONP Submission Contact.

3.  LONP Form Completion:  Anyone can initially complete the information on the form.  All boxes that are shaded are required fields.  After completion, the form is automatically emailed to PENNVEST and the LONP Submission Contact.

4.  If you have any questions, you may email the Resource Account at