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Since its inception, PENNVEST has continued its service to the communities and citizens of Pennsylvania by funding sewer, storm water and drinking water projects throughout the Commonwealth. These projects not only contribute to improving Pennsylvania's environment and the health of its people, they also provide opportunities for economic growth and jobs for Pennsylvania's workers.

PENNVEST's low cost financial assistance helps make the water that is consumed every day by thousands of Pennsylvanians safe to drink. It helps clean rivers and streams in communities for the enjoyment of our citizens and the protection of our natural resources. PENNVEST funding also assists businesses to locate and expand their operations in Pennsylvania to create permanent, well-paying jobs for our workers.

All of us at PENNVEST are committed to working harder and smarter for the citizens of our Commonwealth. We are working with the public and job creators to achieve both environmental improvements and economic development. We continually seek ways to make these twin goals compatible, to work together for the common good of all Pennsylvanians.

Through the financing we offer, PENNVEST represents an important part of Pennsylvania’s environmental improvement and economic development efforts. With every loan that we approve, we show in very concrete terms how these goals can work side-by-side for the betterment of Pennsylvania and the improvement of our lives and those of our children.

The Executive Director for PENNVEST is Robert Boos. To contact PENNVEST, call 717-783-4493.