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​​​​​​​​​​​Continuing Education

Use the Continuing Education Plan Search section below to verify your compliance with the continuing education requirements for system operators as administered and monitored by the Department of Environmental Protection. Funding recipients for approved projects will be required to provide the system and operator identification information, and demonstrate satisfactory compliance with the continuing education requirements prior to settlement and final project close out. The Continuing Education Plan Search section will allow you to lookup the current status of your Continuing Education Plan requirements and provides instructions on submission to PENNVEST. 


Link to the DEP Water and Wastewater Operator Center. The center provides comprehensive information on certification, available training and operator continuing education requirements.
Earthwise Academy

The names of all DEP - approved training sponsors and basic information about all approved courses can be found on DEP's Earthwise Academy Website. On the Earthwise Academy Webpage, click "Search continuing ed course catalog", and follow the instructions to view information about approved courses.

Continuing Education Plan Search

Continuing Education information is required to be updated every five (5) years for PENNVEST Loans.  You can check the status and required reporting date of your CEP by entering the project loan number below. 
Update your Continuing Education Plan with the required information:
  • List of Certified Operator(s) Name and Client ID#​

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    or email

Update On-Line at the PV Portal.

    1. Login with your PA Login Account user name and password
    2. Select On-Line Funding Request
    3. Find the project to update on the project list and select Loan Servicing
    4. Select Continuing Education​​ Plan and update the required information

Enter Loan Number: