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Green Initiatives

PENNVEST actively funds Green Initiatives that promote and encourage environmental responsibility in our communities that are creative and innovative with green solutions for water quality management. These solutions can be as simple as installation of water barrels for water collection and re-use, to regional projects that reduce sediment and nutrient contamination of the Chesapeake Bay watershed by reducing storm water runoff from agricultural areas. 

Growing Greener Grants 

The Growing Greener initiative has created an opportunity for PENNVEST to participate in innovative ways to promote sound land use, while simultaneously improving the Commonwealth's water resources. Under this initiative, PENNVEST has grant funds available for drinking water, wastewater and storm water infrastructure projects. These are the same types of projects that PENNVEST has always funded. PENNVEST uses these grant funds in its normal funding process, making these infrastructure projects more affordable for the users who ultimately must pay for them. 
The PA Department of Environmental Protection reviews applicants for their Growing Greener grant funding and referring to PENNVEST some of those that they are not able to accommodate at the time of review. These will likely be applicants for drinking water, wastewater and storm water infrastructure projects such as those traditionally funded by PENNVEST. As soon as those referrals come to PENNVEST we will contact the applicants to work them into our funding process.