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Non-Point Source Projects

Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Ag BMP projects that demonstrate cost-effective nutrients reduction benefits are eligible for funding to a municipal sponsor, a conservation district or directly to the landowner.  Funding could be in the form of a loan, grant or a loan/grant combination depending on the funding capability of the benefactor.  Eligible practice consist of manure storage facilities,  lagoons, riparian buffers, barnyard runoff reduction and various other practices.  By funding Ag BMPs, PENNVEST can assist in the reduction of nutrients into receiving streams. 

Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment 

By reducing or eliminating water quality threats to the health and welfare of Pennsylvania's citizenry and to the environment, PENNVEST anticipates that the Brownfield's remediation low-interest loan program will help facilitate the sale and reuse of industrial and commercial properties in the Commonwealth. This is an important benefit to all Pennsylvania residents. As the potential environmental liabilities of reusing or further developing existing commercial properties diminish, economic benefits are expected for both the buyer and seller. PENNVEST is optimistic that its Brownfield remediation funding initiative will provide the following benefits: improve local surface and groundwater quality; encourage reuse of property in urban areas rather than suburban sprawl into surrounding rural areas; help revitalize the economies of local communities; create employment opportunities in areas of low income and/or high unemployment; increase local tax bases; facilitate the use or reuse of existing infrastructure and facilities located in the proximity of the sites; and facilitate the creation, preservation, or addition to parks, greenways, open spaces and other recreational properties. Check out more about this funding under the Brownfield Redevelopment Loans section of Documents and Forms.


Greyfields are described as old, and abandoned commercial real estate, specifically shopping malls and retail centers. Greyfield development focuses on the revitalization of these types of existing infrastructure often by creative building, ‘greening’ the land, and re-purposing open space. These types of projects are vital to the economic impact and beautification of communities. PENNVEST funding can be leverage with economic development authorities and investments groups for the remediation of drinking water and surface water as part of larger efforts for greyfield development. 

Acid Mining Drainage

PENNVEST recognizes the important role that can be provided in assisting the public in the restoration of the quality of water resources to local communities impacted by acid mine drainage (AMD). PENNVEST funding can be leverage with existing funding partnerships to provide communities with the means to address mine drainage problems impacting water supplies. ADM projects that demonstrate cost-effective environmental benefits for water supplies can use funding for: monitoring of water quality changes resulting from an abatement project; and engineering, design, and construction costs for a priority reclamation project. 


Estuaries are large bodies of water that meet at the mouth of a river or streams. These estuaries are vital to the ecosystems that provide home and habitat for fish and water life. Rapid population growth over several decades has created an abundance of nutrients that have leached into the estuaries through ground and surface waters. The results are dissolved oxygen levels within the water and changes in water quality that essentially destroy productive fish areas and displeasing waters that adversely affect the valuable tourist industry and property values. PENNVEST can provide funding to leverage existing funding partnerships that help with the removal and abatement of these nutrients from wastewater treatment and storm water management programs including changes in water flow within the estuary to increase flushing to complement reduction and removal efforts.