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​​Clean Water Procurement Program


On July 11, 2022, Act 54 of 2022 (July 11, 2022, P.L. 40, No. 54) ("Act 54") was signed into law amending the Pennsylvania Fiscal Code, and providing for the implementation of the Commonwealth's 2022-2023 budget, among other things.  Under Section 1603-S of Act 54, PENNVEST was directed to establish the Clean Water Procurement Program to provide for the purchase of verified nutrient or sediment reduction through a competitive bidding process consistent with 62 Pa.C.S. Pt. I (relating to Commonwealth Procurement Code) (the "PENNVEST Clean Water Procurement Program").  

The long term objective of the PENNVEST Clean Water Procurement Program is to improve water quality in the Commonwealth through the purchase of verified nutrient (nitrogen/phosphorus) or sediment reduction resulting from the installation of practices or combinations of practices determined to be effective and practical to manage nutrient and sediment to protect surface water and groundwater ("Best Management Practices"), as further defined under Act 54, with the goal of helping the Commonwealth to achieve the most current total maximum daily load limits for nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment as established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (the "Chesapeake Bay TMDL"), as further defined under Act 54.   


Act 54 can be downloaded by selecting the following link:  Clean Water Procurement Program Guidance (pdf)


The following pdf document can be downloaded by selecting the following link:  Clean Water Procurement Program - Public Comment and Response Summary (pdf).


Pursuant to Act 54, PENNVEST has determined that a multiple award competitive sealed procurement best meets the statutory goals outlined in Act 54 and PENNVEST's Clean Water Procurement Program Guidance (downloadable pdf).

Please review the following document for information regarding this competitive procurement:  Clean Water Procurement Program Information (pdf)


All Applications and supporting documentation must be received by April 17, 2024, at 5 p.m. to be considered responsive.

Failure to provide all required information or documentation may result in your application being dismissed as non-responsive or technically insufficient.  Failure to timely submit all documentation requested will result in your application being dismissed. 

STEP 1 - Create an Account in the Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Trading Tool (CBNTT)

Create an account in the Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Trading Tool (CBNTT)Opens In A New Window and enter the project information to calculate the potential nutrient and sediment reduction.  Submit the Summary (pdf) from CBNTT and the verification plan to to obtain prior approval needed for the application submittal.

STEP 2 - Obtain a Project ID Number

Prior to submitting an application, a Project ID number is required.  Project ID numbers can be obtained from 


STEP 3 - Download and Complete Required Documents

With the completed Application, the following documents must be uploaded to the application: 

1)     Iran Free Procurement (pdf)

2)    Domestic Workforce Utilization (pdf)

3)    Worker Protection and Investment Certification (pdf)

4)    Lobbying Certification (pdf)

Failure to complete these documents may result in your application being found non-responsive or technically insufficient.

STEP 4 - Application

To apply, please complete the Clean Water Procurement ApplicationOpens In A New Window (redirect to DocuSign form).

To view a sample version of the online application form, select the Clean Water Procurement Application SAMPLE​ (pdf )

By submitting an application, you represent that: (1) you are making a formal submittal in response to a procurement issued by PENNVEST pursuant to the Procurement Code (62 Pa.C.S. Section 101 et seq.); (2) you are authorized to submit the information on behalf of the person or entity identified; (3) this electronic submittal is deemed signed by you and you are authorized to bind the person or entity identified to the terms of the solicitation and this submittal; and (4) all of the information submitted is true and correct to the best of your knowledge, information, and belief. Any false statements made by you in this submittal are subject to the penalties of 18 Pa.C.S. §4904 (relating to unsworn falsification to authorities).


Technical and cost scoring will be completed in accordance with the Ranking Criteria set forth in the Clean Water Procurement Program Guidance​.  (See CWPP Guidance, Ranking Criteria, Pages 4-5.)  All technically qualified submittals will be awarded up to a maximum of 100 total points, including a maximum of sixty (60) technical points, categories 2-7 of the Ranking Criteria, and forty (40) cost points, category 1 of the Ranking Criteria.


Questions can be directed to PENNVEST's Contracting Officer, David Henning at