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Contract Change Requests 

Significant changes within an entity, as defined below, must be reported to PENNVEST as those changes will affect financial documentation. These change requests can be sent to PENNVEST by either mail, email, or fax via:

333 Market Street, 18th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Attn: Denise Zern

Fax:    (717) 705-1656

Collateral Changes

A change in collateral to existing funding requires that a Collateral Change Request be submitted to PENNVEST to begin processing contract changes. The request should list the name of the borrower, the ME loan number, the collateral to be changed, and why this request is being made. Also include a contact person and a mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number.  

Company Name Change, Mergers & Acquisitions

Changes in legal entity name or company information as a result of a restructuring, merger, or acquisition must be submitted to PENNVEST for conract and legal document changes. 

Request for Consent 

A Request for Consent is necessary when a Borrower needs to acquire additional debt from another financial institution or state agency or needs to change the repayment structure of its loan.