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Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF)

The PENNVEST Clean Water State Revolving Fund  (CWSRF) program provides affordable financing for wastewater and certain other projects throughout Pennsylvania for the construction, improvement, extension, expansion, repair or rehabilitation of wastewater collection, treatment or disposal facilities, storm water management, nonpoint source pollution controls including but nor limited to agricultural best management practices and watershed and estuary management.

The program offers low interest loans with flexible terms and principal forgiveness funds where applicable and available.  Funding awards are made by the PENNVEST Board at scheduled meetings and the type and amount of funds are dependent upon the relative ranking of a project in the pool of projects, the economic need of the system and the amount of funding available for award at that meeting.

PENNVEST performs similarly to a bank for the CWSRF program in Pennsylvania and manages the financial aspects of the fund, while the Department of Environmental Protection is the technical arm for the program.  The seed money for the CWSRF has been distributed to states annually under Congressional authorization pursuant to the Clean Water Act of 1987.  The funds and the program are administered nationally by United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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